Allied Family Prosthetics specializes in provision of upper and lower extremity prosthetic devices.
Benefit from our combined experience to provide professional and caring service

First Time Amputees

Expect a productive and well-rounded life! Prosthetic success requires the right mind set, perseverance and practice, as well as a committed prosthetist working with you and your healthcare providers as a team. After your physician's prescription, your prosthetist will provide an optimal fit, will adjust for the best function of the limb, and will offer training. Physical and occupational therapists are often available to improve proficiency and remain available for adjustment and advice.

Experienced Users

You already know the importance of having proper fit and of having an excellent prosthetist. Perhaps you have had difficulty with your prosthesis because the fit is less than optimal or because the shape of your limb has changed with time. If you are due for a new limb to improve fit, decrease pressure points, or address other concerns...

Allied Family Prosthetics
is here to serve you.

We are a private company caring for those who have lost a limb. If you are an amputee and desire freedom to move about comfortably we are here to assist you.
We provide prosthetic equipment that is hand-crafted to fit your personal needs. We work with you one-on-one to teach you how to adapt to your new equipment and lead a fulfilled life.

Our Promise...Allied Family Prosthetics will take the time and care required for a well fitted prosthesis.


Allied Family Prosthetics, LLC

1104 Main St.

Longmont, CO 80501


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